cloud server maintenance

We’ll take care of any and all server maintenance required to make sure that your website is running the way it should. This includes all the updates and upgrades to the website servers, cleanups, version changes and more.

UpTime Robot

Uptime Monitoring

We use a service called that checks websites every 1 minute to make sure that the website is online. Websites are checked from multiple locations. If something goes wrong, and the website doesn’t appear online, we get a notification right away, so we can quickly investigate the issue and bring the website back.

Server maintenance


Daily Backups

If something ever happens to your website, we can roll it back at any point in the past 30 days.
Our server saves our projects as backup everyday and save them for 30 days in memory.
Also every month our team works to save a monthly backup locally in their devices.

Save your data with our security!

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