October 3, 2023 1

Growing your business efficiently with your website.

Of course, having a website nowadays is a big bonus for your business. But it doesn’t mean that your business will increase sales and productivity just because you are online. You may have the most efficient and complete site, compared to your competitor. But he can still generate more income than you.

We can say that you have a better car than your neighbor in your garage, but no one knows that it is there. How can we show the audience that your car is the best?

By promoting it to everyone. Marketing is an integral part of business and a key point to have growth and to become competitive in the market.


What are some important parts that should accompany your website to be competitive?

Google Business Listing

First, Google Business Listing is a very strong point to gain an audience and to create credibility among them. If you have a point on the map, you will be more reliable and they will contact you more often. They need a physical meeting, and having a physical location helps a lot.

Second, display your customer testimonials on your website. Perhaps, this doesn’t seem like a strong point to gain credibility. Also, it wouldn’t cost you anything to add a section to your site where you would list the testimonials. They can be taken in Google Business Listing by you. Or from different platforms like Tripadvisor. Many people read your content before deciding whether to work with you or not.

Google Search Console

Thirdly, Indexing in Google is one of the most important steps to follow if you have completed the work on the website. Google Search Console is the basis of a search engine like Google. You must submit your Sitemap there so that Google can access all the URLs that your website uses. If this is done correctly, Google will rank you above your competitors.

Website Blogs

Blogs are a very strong point for promoting your business website in Google. Your website needs maintenance and continuous updating. You should create one or two blogs every month describing your services or products. Also displaying experiences or promotions that your business has taken part in.


Creating blogs is never enough if you do not define a keyword and meet all the conditions that SEO requires around this keyword, in your blog.

You don’t have to study to do this. It is enough to follow the criteria that have been set for you by seo in your blog. We can mention some of them below.

  1. Mention the keyword in the title and url of your blog
  2. Use an image in the text where the keyword is placed as an alternative text.
  3. Use short and clear sentences, make sure the blog is well written and makes sense
  4. Respect the word limit set by SEO, a short blog doesn’t convey the full information and a long blog becomes tiresome to read and the audience loses interest in it.

Of course, promotion on social media is a great help. Therefore, do not neglect it.

After you have followed this plan regarding the maintenance of your website, after a few months you will see that the activity on the website will increase organically.